NEW! Call for Artists!

Help Us Enhance the SoCo District!

We are looking for local artists to donate their time and talent to help us produce a series of removable installation-murals which will be displayed during SoCo Second Saturday nights and other SoCo related events.

The removable surface will be donated by the SoCo committee, who will also contribute with basic materials, such as acrylic paint, spray paint and brushes. However, certain artists may want to use their own tools and materials for better results.

The committee is also looking for sponsorships to provide in-kind rewards to the best murals and we will look for ways to compensate the hard work of the artists involved.

We would like to stress that this project is created by artists for artists, in an effort to bring more attention to the arts and culture of our city, especially to the SoCo Cultural District. Artists participating must understand the mission and be compelled to play a part in the development of such.

Interested artists, groups, companies, or anyone who wants to be involved in creating these installations should send an email to and include the following information:

1. Name of artist, group, organization or company

2. Contact information (mailing address, phone number, email and website link if available) You may attach a few pictures of your artwork, concept or idea.

3. A brief paragraph describing how you can help us make the SoCo Cultural District better and what idea(s) you have for the project.