DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts

DAAS CO-OP Art Gallery & Gifts

1400 Colonial Blvd
Ste 84
Fort Myers,  FL 33907


email: info@daascoop.com


We are Southwest Florida's premier fine arts and crafts cooperative art gallery. Our focus is on quality, accessibility and client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in clean, contemporary, and elegant products and exquisite presentations. The difference is the accessibility to the consumer. Fine art does not have to be out of reach. Visit our beautiful gallery space and experience the joy of collecting art, or find an inspiring gift for a loved one.

DAAS CO-OP Artists: David Acevedo, Xavier Brignoni, Cheryl Dillon, Stephen Bufter, Amanda Plummer, Tania Begg, John Dedo Cristina, Xania Hawkins, Dale Eluitz, Luciano De Andrade, Michael Pohlman, Karen Gozzo Nolan, Sarah Edwardson, Yvonne Krystman, Elizabeth Rose, Milly Grey & Carmen Torres, Dennis Church, Poche, Patrick Williams, Ellen Bianchi, Jay Lana, Carmen Sprague, Jose Miletti, Guy Tieman and Jeff & Dale Ocasio.